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The AT&T Create-a-thon is a competition that challenges content creators and filmmakers to produce a short film during a weekend.

Teams had a great time filming onsite as part of AT&T SHAPE at Warner Bros. Studios. The votes have been counted, and we're excited to announce the winning films for the AT&T Create-a-thon.

See winners below!

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GRAND PRIZE - $20,000

The Deaf vs The Dead—Episode 1: "Outbreak"

When the zombie apocalypse breaks out in Los Angeles, an out Deaf man must find a way to survive and protect his loved ones, even if it means teaming up with some unlikely people.

Team Name: Zombie Slayers

Written and Directed by Dickie Hearts

Produced by Kristen Brancaccio

2ND PLACE - $10,000

Separation Of Church and Livia

Set in a future-adjacent world with 12 billion people and a consolidated world power, runaway data technician Livia is on a mission to rescue her sister, Church, from the labor camps in the newly defrosted Antarctica. But when an alternate-dimension version of herself shows up to talk her out of it, she has to decide between safety and sister… In a world where autonomy gets you killed.

Team Name: Phileon Productions

Written and Directed by Sarah Phillips

Produced by Laetitia Leon and Sarah Phillips

3RD PLACE - $5,000

Time's Up

When an assassin catches up with her mark, it leads to some unexpected results.

Team Name: TIme's Up Team

Co-written and Directed by Ann Roy

Co-written and Produced by Warren Brooks


Sweet Dreams Chris

"Sweet Dreams Chris" is a story about a man’s adventures inside his girlfriend’s wacky dreams. You never know what she’ll dream of next!

Team Name: MoBo Productions

Directed by Jenny Benedicto

Written by David Chan

Produced by Nick Arciero


Access Denied

3 way Films, Gardena

In an effort to have a future with his only grandson. A Grandfather must be willing to let go of the past.

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Rushaw Renegade Studios, Dallas

Rico Gluckman struggles to survive in a post apocalyptic landscape lorded over by a 10-year-old megalomaniac on a quest to rid the world of adults.

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Red 21 Entertainment, Hermosa Beach

Twenty years before the film BATTER UP. Little Johnny was just a kid growing up in New York City when he discovers what baseball really means to him.

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Bronte Time

JerseYoop, Sherman Oaks

Tired of being oppressed and ignored in Victorian England. Literary sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte create a time machine and travel to 2017 in search of freedom and equality.

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Ella, Los Angeles

A father becomes increasingly concerned as his daughter's relationship with her imaginary friend becomes more intense. .

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Eyes 4 Ears

Rebel Chameleons, Los Angeles

A self-conscious young man tries to use technology to hide his deafness from his date. But when it doesn't go as planned he realizes that technology is a crutch he doesn't need.

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A soldier home on leave goes in search of his missing fiance only to discover that the truth of her whereabouts is far more terrifying than he imagined.

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In Yo FACE, Los Angeles

With the taxi meter running Jacob has to pick up victims and kill them or else he's murdered.

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Harold, Los Angeles

The film follows the story of Harold, an anthropomorphic pine tree, homeless due to urban sprawl. Wandering the harsh streets of LA in search of a permanent rooting site, his prospects change when he hears of an area of protected land up north. All he needs is money for a bus ticket.

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Hide and Go Sikh

HollyBolly Makers, Los Angeles

In today's modern day, living in a traditional working-class family is not the place for an immigrant Sikh man who is expected to follow his father's set path into adulthood while struggling deeply with his true identity.

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Red Jacket Films, Myrtle Beach

Two men are on the run after a successful heist. Once they discover their getaway driver is nowhere to be found, they quickly descend into madness. Things go from bad to worse when Malcolm discovers a dye pack in his bag of money. Both characters feel entitled to their share of the bounty, but will both of them make it out alive?

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Neon Dumpsters

Vantablack, Los Angeles

A waitress has a nightmarish night after stealing a wristband from some punks.

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No Thanks

Regal Valley, Los Angeles

A soldier returns home on Independence Day feeling unappreciated until she meets an elderly lady that puts a twist on her perspective.

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Out of Body Experience

Team Good Spirits, New York City

A Zombie and her Ghost struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where food and good company are hard to come by.

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Park Place

Canyonmaid Productions, Los Angeles

Nick misses his friend Miriam who recently passed away. Miriam shows up and Nick finds himself on the steps of the county courthouse where he and Miriam met many years ago and the old friends get a chance to say goodbye.

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Reservations, Los Angeles

A loving husband struggles to break life's routine in an effort to find the right moment to tell his wife of forty plus years that he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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Separation Of Church and Livia

Phileon Productions, Los Angeles

Set in a future-adjacent world with 12 billion people and a consolidated world power. A runaway data technician Livia is on a mission to rescue her sister, Church, from the labor camps in the newly defrosted Antarctica. But when an alternate-dimension version of herself shows up to talk her out of it, she has to decide between safety and sister, in a world where autonomy gets you killed.

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Sign Off

Hidden Gem Stories, Los Angeles

Two underdogs go head to head only to realize they have more in common than expected.

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Spragettza, Los Angeles

A news anchor searches for answers when he's followed by a mysterious woman eating Italian food.

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High Kickers, Los Angeles

Comedienne Andrea Vicunia, originally from Spain, comes to LA only to discover that here she is considered "Latina". A comedic approach to the stereotyped Hollywood industry and the identity crisis that entails for actors.

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Stopping for Lunch

Dreaming Snails, Burbank

While stopping for lunch on a road trip, a guy and a girl get in an argument about asking out the waitress.

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LAFS Team, Los Angeles

Franco Adams, a seven-year-old boy unleashes his imaginations about superpowers for their school presentation about their favorite superhero. Franco's mom however, finds out that Franco wasn't able to finish his presentation because he was laughed at when he presented his favorite superhero as a female superhero.

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Sweet Dreams Chris

MoBo Productions, Los Angeles

Sweet Dreams Chris is a story about a man's adventures inside his girlfriend's wacky dreams. Inception meets Nightmare on Elm Street, you never know what she'll dream of next!

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Sweet Nothing

UNCSA, Los Angeles

When his friend begins to express a deeper interest, Michael must question whether his own feelings could run deeper than just simply friendship.

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The Condemned

Tyrannical Brute, Los Angeles

A peeping-tom develops an unhealthy obsession with a woman who enjoys the attention...

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Zombie Slayers, Los Angeles

When the zombie apocalypse breaks out in Los Angeles, an out Deaf man must find a way to survive and protect his loved ones even if it means teaming up with some unlikely people.

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The Earthling

Team Stardust, Los Angeles

While everyone else is afraid, a confident and quirky tomboy is drawn to a UFO that mysteriously appears in her town one day.

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The Grey in the Middle

Filmmakers, Los Angeles

An officer learns a balanced but surreal lesson after responding to a situation in a local arcade.

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The Hastings

Procyon, Miami

The Hastings is a suspense drama that depicts Eyless' anguish, a mother whose only son has mysteriously disappeared sending her into a world where surreal dreams are the door to reality. And the husband, whose hidden agenda prevents her from seeing what lies within her.

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The Last Reverie

Silent Walker, Los Angeles

In the near future, a man receives radical advice from his home A.I. to recover from a recent heart break.

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The Mission

October Theater, Los Angeles

An imaginative young child with a simple wish spends the day dropping coins into a fountain. When the wish is finally granted it comes with unexpected responsibilities.

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The Protege Project

Team Supernal Darkness, Los Angeles

Unable to cope with the trauma of repeated childhood physical, mental, sexual abuse, a young Ezra is forced to bury his anger in hopes of surviving long enough to escape. Now a man...Ezra's troubled past propels him down a dark supernatural path as a vigilante who goes after those who abuse and traffick children.

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The Stairwell Crew

The Stairwell Crew, Los Angeles

In the aftermath of a botched diamond heist, a trio of thieves trapped in a stairwell turn on each other and quickly work to find the betrayer before the cops find them.

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Time's Up

Time's Up Team, Los Angeles

When an assassin catches up with her mark it leads to some unexpected results.

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Tom & Eddy Find the Cheese

Kellerman Komedy, Los Angeles

An irreverent comedy about Tom and Eddy who awake in the desert with no idea how they got there. Luckily, Eddy has a map mysteriously tattooed on his chest to guide them.

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Unknown Asylum

BrooksStudios, Los Angeles

Matt is a young man with a seemingly perfect life until an accident takes away his beloved. Matt is now stuck in an asylum, having been unable to cope with the loss of his girlfriend. But his grip on reality is lost. Or is it? Stuck between the perfect memory of his girlfriend and the dark reality of the unknown asylum will Matt ever find peace? Or will he forever be stuck in a twisted loop?

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Bad Moon, Torrance

Behind Vivy's sweet, alluring eyes lies a dark secret even her closest friends could never imagine.

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MAY 10–JUNE 14

Script and storyboard submissions




We’ll notify the teams that are advancing to the next round



JULY 14–15

Teams film onsite at AT&T SHAPE



JULY 16-17

Film submissions due



JULY 20-23

Watch the finalist films and vote for your favorite




Announce the winners





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View frequently asked questions about the AT&T Create-a-thon and download the complete set of official rules.